Galeux d'Eysines

Sometimes referred to as "Peanut Pumpkin", this French heirloom pumpkin has the best texture for pumpkin pies with its delicate flavour and high sugar content at maturity. The flesh is bright orange while the skin is a salmon pink colour with peanut-like warts. These warts are due to the sugars swelling in the skins and a good sign of the flavour inside!

  • Fruits average between 7-10kg (10-15lbs)
  • Requires space to sprawl
  • These plants are heavy feeders


  • Direct sow 2cm (1") deep, or transplant in late May/early June (no later than June 15th)
  • Seeds should sprout in 7-14 days
  • Space plants a minimum of 90-120cm (36-48") apart in rows 120-180cm (48-72") apart.
  • Matures in 95-100 days (from transplant)
  • For larger fruit, limit the growth to one fruit per vine