Borlotti Drying Bean Seeds

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This heirloom variety of these drying beans produce masses of 15cm (6") bean pods by late summer on vines that can reach up to 6m (20') if supported properly! These beans–once reconstituted–are creamy in soups.


Sow as early as possible, 2-5cm (1-2") deep, 5-8cm (2.3") apart, in rows 45-60cm apart. Thin to at least 15cm (6") apart in each row. mid-May under cover if temperature permits or in pots indoors then set out carefully a few weeks later.

  • Optimal soil temperature is between 21-32°C
  • Space plants 15cm (6") apart
  • Matures in 80 days
  • Stop watering when the first pods start drying out
  • Do not pick until the pods are dry–harvest when the seedpods lose their colour by pulling the plant and hanging to dry in a sheltered, ventilated area.